Visit the Eden Project

The Eden Project and its biomes are an iconic visitor attraction situated in the old china clay pits in St Austell. During the building of the biomes over 230 miles of scaffolding was used and since then these giant structures have seen visits by royalty and stars, seen weddings and circus events and even the Olympic Flame took a tour of the rainforest during its journey to London. 

Throughout the year the Eden project enjoys both local, national and international visitors and it has become a renowned location for innovation, with more recent projects including YHA accommodation, apprenticeships and Eden Project International. For more information about a visit, click here to go to Eden's website.

The biomes are incredible and give you a taste of the world without having to leave lovely Cornwall, there are two to choose from, the Mediterranean Biome and the Rainforest Biome. 

Eden Project Rainforest Biome

Rainforest Biome // Pic by @CreeksideCottages

Feel the heat and humidity in the Rainforest Biome, with the atmosphere and plants representing four of the worlds rainforests (South East Asia, Tropical Islands, West Africa and Tropical South America). When you first walk in to the worlds largest indoor rainforest you are hit by a thick humidity, that takes your breath away and any layers you have on will be coming straight off with the temperature ranging between 18-35 Degrees Centigrade. With over 1000 types of fascinating plants that create a diverse atmosphere, it is an engaging environment that presents information about all the plants and their needs and wants to survive, as well you can see tropical fruit growing like mangoes, pineapples, bananas and many more. Finally the Biome is always keeping up to date with the most recent disasters around the world, and the effect it is having on our planet which are always captivating in a good and scary way.

Eden Project Mediterranean Biome

Mediterranean Biome // Pic by @CreeksideCottages

Stroll through the relaxing warm climate of South Africa, the Mediterranean, California and Western Australia, you’ll feel transported to a paradisiacal atmosphere filled with wonderful scents and sights. Saunter through the Mediterranean landscape of the biome, which is filled with olive trees, vines, herbs and take in aromas of the Perfume Garden which is a delight for the senses, these change throughout the year depending on the seasons. No, mediterranean environment can be without aromatic lemon trees, orange trees and various other citrus fruit trees, a majority of the citrus fruits are commercially grown in Florida and California, and on the West coast of America you will find vast number plants, from wildflowers, cacti and also familiar garden plants, and you can find a number of these plants in the Biome. Finally keep an eye out for the sculptures in this biome too, there are life sized pigs made out cork oak trees and also the Bacchanalian sculptures which are basking between the grape vines, you will find Dionysus (the Greek God of the vines) and his followers, the Maenads, who dance and wiggle through the shrubs beating the drums and sounding their trumpets, they are an impressive spectacle within the Biome. 

Eden Project Outside Garden

Eden Project // Pic by @edenproject

The biomes aren’t the only natural spectacle at Eden, with over 20 acres of garden is now a dynamic glamorous gardens overflowing with plants, sculptures and play spaces. With over 3000 different variations of plants so there are miles of paths to discover the twists and turns of the old clay mine, and you will observe the spectacular views of the Biomes and will also spot ornamental flowers to crops used for medicine, food, materials and fuels. Speaking of food there is a dedicated global allotments that can inspire ideas for your own vegetable patch and if you bump into one of the many Eden gardener who would be more than happy to answer any questions and lastly stumble across the Sense of Memory Garden which is a Cornish oasis with ornamental pools is a fantastic place to cool down on a hot summers day.

Eden Project Food

Mediterranean Cafe // Pic by @edenproject

Eating at Eden is a treat for the taste buds, the food served takes influence from the environment around it and is absolutely full of flavour and nutrients with ingredients being responsibly sourced, seasonal and freshly prepared for every visitor to see. They can cater to every dietary requirement which is always a bonus, and they also do everything they to reducing there plastic waste in the cafes. 

Events at Eden include:

Eden Sessions: unforgettable summer concerts with the Eden backdrop which create a incredible acoustic atmosphere something not to miss, past acts have included Elton John, Tom Jones, Lionel Richie, Kylie Minogue, Ben Howard and many more amazing acts - visit the Eden Sessions website for concert details, be quick tickets sell fast!

Keep Fit at Eden: why not try the weekly 'Parkrun' - a 5km timed run through the outdoor gardens each Saturday morning - it's open to runners, joggers and walkers of all ability. Free Entry.

Written by Jon Watson, Cornwall lover and resident of Cornwall for over 20 years.